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About IIEC: incubator for startups and have a *PGP Digital Marketing* for job seekers to work for our incubated startups remotely.
why IIEC: brand credibility, program value, most updated program not only india but globally, practical skills, unique contents
what objectives: development of a highly skilled digital marketing professional for iiec’s Ecommerce startups
This is a fulltime regular online programme and we expect our students to work practically full time with the client so the client gets desired result and you get your skill sets there will be a weekly evaluation of the performance which will be a deciding factor for your job
About me: link
About course: PGPM in digital marketing with 100% job guarantee.
Training Process: 12 month 1 on 1 program delivery is 100% online via e-learning portal, 4 way to engage
1. pre recorded video lectures
2.live classes weekly
3.dedicated account manager from startup to monitor your performance and support
4.1:1 support manager from IIEC to clear your doubts.
Who should join Us: Program is for recent graduates or graduate diploma (freshers from b.com, b.tech, BBM or any by bachelors degree or a graduate diploma  are eligible for this 12 month post graduate program in digital marketing and Ecommerce job seekers As the programme comes with job guarantee so We get a lot of random people applying for this programme.
For our program an ideal student is someone who are college freshers, recent graduates or entry level executives, or young professionals who want to switch from their existing sectors to digital marketing and want to build their highly successful career with us.
How job Guarantee works: complex work for us but simple to understand, we incubate startups in various domains, we can’t disclose names of the startups and previous students as we sign NDA’s with all the parties
But to give an idea these are early stage Ecommerce startups which means a lot of work relating to the day to day digital marketing such as… smm,seo,sem growth hacking etc our students have to do from scratch and this is a golden opportunity for our students to learn digital marketing operations
most of our startups are operating from USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada or singapore they recruit our students remotely because for them to pay in their country the cost of a digital marketing or an Ecommerce executive is very high. You don’t an option to choose which startup you want to work as it’s not a hotel menu here we ( IIEC decides to place our student with our startups )
How much you get paid post 12 months of PGP program
Even though the programme comes with job guarantee but it doesn’t mean that you will not do any work for the next 12 months or you will do underperformance and you can expect a job guarantee, Job Guarantee terms are very clear you get job only if you perform and reach milestones on time for the 12 months work and learn training period also called as as apprenticeship
It’s a range of starts at Rs.2.4 Lacs ( for extremely poor learning training and skills performance ) and can go upto 12 Lacs most of our students get between Rs.6 lacs to 8 Lacs average so it purely depends on your performance.
Who should not apply for PGPM in digital marketing
Please don’t join us if you’re only joining seeing 100% job guarantee, And for hook or crook you want to get a job while you have no interest in really building your future in e-commerce and digital marketing and you are already preoccupied with some or the other activities your friends your start up idea or your other university education or a full-time job in Some company please do not join us.
If you are a working professional with years of experience and making over 4 Lacs per annum We would not suggest you to take this program because this program will not fulfil your dream jobs this is for entry-level job and a lot of work our student undergo during this practical program.
If you are an entrepreneur or a startup please do not do pgpm course with us because you will not learn how to build your business or grow your business by learning about other’s start up
If you do not have any understanding about Internet or your English is poor please do not join us because the program is in English and it requires a laptop minimum you cannot learn and work on a program using a mobile device.
If you are a confused person for your life and career please do not join us because we are looking for very clear people who want to build their career in digital marketing and internet space Online Businesses Ecommerce especially.
When job guarantee terms are null and void:
The job guarantee terms will be null and void if the user is not able to achieve milestones given in the programme in Milestone is a practical work that our students do for the start up for example digital marketing social media management lead generation traffic generation managing day today e-commerce operations management or managing child’s managing 360° works over a period of 12 months which is divided and 52 milestones for each week. If a student fails to achieve these milestones then as an institute we try to work with other students so that they can achieve those milestones upto 50% If a student is not even able to achieve 50% of the milestones which means the student is failing to achieve results and when somebody is not able to achieve results they are not skilled enough or qualified enough to work for any corporate position or start up in future. In this case we can always help our students with job assistance but we cannot guarantee a job because the students performance is extremely poor which most start-ups will not be interested to hire them.
Stipend: Startups may provide student a stipend during the training period is an integral part of our program more students get performance-based stipend which depends on the effort invested on that milestone some students are able to get up to Rs.35000 stipend after 6th months, but this requires a lot of dedicated and focus on building your career with us in digital marketing and Ecommerce. However providing a stipend is not a guaranteed during the 12 month course period as it is purely dependent on the effort our students put for digital marketing operations management for the start-up
What if you don’t want job? Yeah it’s completely a personal decision we are not forcing you that you have to do this job after doing the course you’re free to choose any other company build your new career start a business or go for any government job or do nothing it’s completely your choice but from our side will make sure that you are job ready
Refund policy: We are not here for any test or trials. we don’t provide any refund policy. IIEC is very serious when it come to build a skilled professional for its startup and during this 12 month post graduate programme it is very important us that you really learn and get stills and we are looking for students who want to join the course with a clear mind that no refund will be initiated.

What You Get

The Complete E-Commerce Job, Interview, Resume, LinkedIn & Network Guide for Indian Institute of E-Commerce Certified E-Commerce Professionals

1: Access e-commerce jobs board with 100's of job listings from Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart etc.
2: Crack E-Commerce jobs with our Interview Preparation support in your first attempt.
3: Directly contact our trusted third-party e-commerce job consultants from Banglore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi etc.

1. Access to Job Board

Get access to IIEC's Job Board which consists of E-Commerce Job Interview + Resume + LinkedIn Networking + Recruiters Database. These all will assist you in landing your job by giving real time practical examples for resumes, interview assignments , how to answer interview questions , what type of words to be used in interviews and some secret techniques to get hired in your dream companies.

2. Access to E-Commerce Job Database

Understand how to easily enter into any E-Commerce company , get access to our partner's current job openings and directly apply for the job which interests you from your student dashboard.You also get access to Career consultants from each city with their contact details available to you who can help you to guide if there are any queries regarding your career.

3. Access to E-Commerce Sample Resumes with Job Descriptions

Get access to 100+ sample resumes who are hired by the top E-Commerce companies according to the E-Commerce job role to help you to write your resume in the most efficient way and get you shortlisted in the recruitment process.

How It Works

We make it easy to students to find a job. Simply follow our guide which has all the information required to secure a job in any E-Commerce company.

01. Qualify in our PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

You should score min 60% to qualify in our PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing.

02. Get access to IIEC Job Board Module

You get instant access to IIEC Job Board Module which consists of all the information required to secure a job.

03. Get Placed

Apply to the jobs from your student dashboard directly and attend interviews to get placed.

  • The E-Commerce course has helped me placed as an E-Commerce operations manager. The concepts were so clear that I got selected from my first interview itself. Coming from a non Techincal background , I never faced any difficulty in understanding the E-Commerce eco system and the concepts. This course must be taken by every individual in E-Commerce industry as you will always new stuff from their updates.Great work by IIEC.

    • Disha Agarwal , Operations Manager at Amazon
  • IIEC's Course is really helpful and I liked the way how simple and practical the trainers teach in the videos. The support team is extremely helpful in clearing the queries and today I landed a job in Flipkart as a Catalog Manager by just following their instructions given in their Job Assistance Module. it has the content where you can never find in the entire internet. All the methodologies and strategies and proven and thus it helps anyone to understand the concepts so crisp and clear.

    • Chhavi Jain , Catalog Manager at Flipkart

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Getting hired for a great job means convincing recruiters and hiring managers that you can deliver real value, on day one. Indian Institute of E-Commerce connects qualified alumni with our network of employers who are hiring talented candidates for job opportunities. We've helped thousands of people land great jobs at top E-Commerce companies like these:


100% Job Gaurantee Terms & Conditions During the progress of this 12 month PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing you work virtually for the company as if you are fulltime employed for that E-Commerce and digital marketing job. But as this is a job skill training program you don’t get paid from anyone but post course completion you can get hired fulltime with the company based on the performance slab achieved by you during the PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing ( These are companies incubated by the Indian Institute of E-Commerce. Based in the USA, the UK, Estonia, Singapore, and India. The companies commit to hiring the same PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing high-performing students as soon as they are awarded the PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing by IIEC ) so we extremely confident to guarantee our PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing students a decent job with a minimum of a 1-year contract. However, a job guarantee is not applicable on non-performing students, A non performing student can't claim for job guarantee and student will not get PGP in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Certification either. Students with any incomplete on the job course training and activities and poor performance and track record

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